Saturday , 2 August 2014

Before You Get Stoked: Choose the Right Surfboard Size


Now that you’ve experienced being slightly “rag dolled” or finally getting “stoked” the moment you managed to balance yourself on the board, it’s time to decide whether to include surfing on your regular hobbies list or not. Chances are you will continue pursuing this action-packed water sport. Who wouldn’t? Since you’ve decided to go on with this pursuit, you need ... Read More »

Not Your Ordinary City: What Makes a Good Neighbourhood Great?

Quiet neighbourhood

Knowing exactly what you are looking for in a neighbourhood helps make house-hunting that much easier. As the home buying process changes, your criteria might change as well. Most homebuyers know what they want their dream home to be, but many give little though to the neighbourhood it is located in. This article targets what to look for in a ... Read More »

Auto Repairs You Can Handle

Car repair

After a few years, your trusty car will start to have problems left and right. Most often, these breakdowns occur at the most inconvenient time. While a quick trip to your local mechanic is the quickest and surest “fix”, it is sometimes more practical to take on repairs by yourself. Doing it Yourself It doesn’t necessarily take a mechanical expert ... Read More »

Are You Eligible for An EB-5 Investor Visa?

New York business district

Are you planning to stay in the U.S. for long-term business purposes? Then you can apply for a special green card and visa that allows you to live and move around the country freely. The EB-5 visa or Immigrant Investor Program is a type of permit created by the Immigration Act of 1990. It helps foreign nationals who invest money ... Read More »

Business as Usual: What To Do After Fire?

Fire Truck

When a fire ravages your business, losses can be great. You may lose documents, equipment, and the building itself. There’s no doubt there would be a million things running through your head. It’s difficult to go back to normal after what happened. Recovering from a fire can be a physical and mentally draining process. Often, the hardest part is knowing ... Read More »

Common Misconceptions about Winter Grooming

Bernese Mountain Dog in winter

Winter is currently in full force: heavy snow, salty highways, and frigid winds. While it is a great time to go skiing with your friends, be sure to keep your pet safe throughout winter’s fury. They thrive on human company and will always depend on you. Protecting your pet is your responsibility. Here are some common misconceptions about winter pet ... Read More »

Can’t Drive 55: 3 Things Teens Should Avoid When Driving

Young man driving

Driving is second nature for many adults. The hitting of the brakes at the bottom of a hill, the right turn into the driveway, and the easy drive to the mall is almost a reflex. For teenagers, though, all aspects of the driving experience is new. As is the case with learning anything new, it takes time, attention, and brain ... Read More »

How to Make Driving Long Distances More Fun


Long road trips are very common in the U.S. because of how large it is, and they can sap away the simple joy of driving. Spending hours behind the wheel can be exhausting even for the most enthusiastic driver. If you usually drive long distances, here are several ideas that might make your next car trip more fun. 1. Plan ... Read More »

Dental Implant: Pain Management and Recovery

Woman's upper teeth

The recovery for dental implants vary on a number of factors. It may be dependent on the number of teeth involved, the patient, and the way you manage the recovery process. If you underwent a simple dental implant with minimal or no grafting, you are likely to experience some discomfort or swelling after the operation. Your dentist may require you ... Read More »

3 Brand Rules Your Company Logo Should Follow

business shirt

When you have a business, your logo is the primary thing that establishes your identity. Amid a tough, competitive market, you want to stand out, a purpose that a good logo helps you achieve. Unfortunately, many enterprises still use old logos that fail to build recognition. When this happens, you would have to assess what you have at the moment ... Read More »