Thursday , 28 August 2014

Why Speed Matters for Online Marketers


Queuing for hours (a few more minutes than usual, even) is something not a lot of people want to do. Even the most patient person will eventually get bored and angry if the wait takes longer than it should. The same is true when it comes to surfing the web. If you want people to get to browse through your ... Read More »

Customer Habits: How Glass Exteriors Help Your Restaurant Business

Tea house

The façade and overall exterior of restaurants affect whether people would want to eat in an establishment or not. In most cases, simply passing by and stopping for a few seconds can be an important part of their dining decisions. If they see something good, they’ll likely stay. If you’re planning to design or redesign your restaurant, why not use ... Read More »

When Things Get Ruff: 5 Things You’re Doing That Drives Your Dog Crazy

Bored dog

Do you ever wonder what your dog would say if he could talk? Do you ever wonder what’s going on in his mind when he chews things he shouldn’t be chewing on, races around the house, and becomes aggressive with a guest? If your dog acts in unacceptable ways, it is probably your fault. You might be doing things that ... Read More »

How Diabetes, Obesity & Heart Disease Are Associated With Poor Dental Health

Across different countries, a growing number of experts associate diabetes, obesity and heart diseases with poor dental health. One of the experts, Strand Dental Centre, explains that “an unhealthy body can also lead to poor oral health” and vice versa. And these connections have transformed how dentists and medical practitioners operate and deal with various health conditions. Diabetes Dental experts ... Read More »

Tired of Blank Stares? It’s Time to Take Your Classroom Outside

Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, Moscow, Russia

You are a teacher and you have been stuck in a dilemma for months, even years. You have exerted every effort to find a way to make your classroom a dynamic space for the students, where they can freely participate and engage in your discussion on the Napoleonic wars. This is hopeless, you say, as you see your students’ blank ... Read More »

The Importance of Being Prepared: Identifying Red Flags in Office Safety

office safety

Small mishaps and minor accidents are common occurrences in industrial and equipment-heavy work environments. Not many people realise, though, that safety hazards are present in office settings, too. Office employees are just as exposed to workplace safety risks, and not taking proper precaution is something you should never do. Most office accidents happen because of inefficient space management and the ... Read More »

Resident Manager: Home-Based Business for the Wise


Do you want a stable job that lets you work from home? Then you might want to try buying management rights and become a resident manager. Management Rights, or Management and Letting Rights (MLR), is a form of business enterprise that allows property owners to hire people who will maintain the daily operations of their units. What’s a Resident Manager? ... Read More »

Shop ‘Til You Drop: Why Metro Manila is Every Shopaholic’s Dream


The Philippines is popular for many things — the colorful jeepneys, the odd but surprisingly awesome balut, and the beautiful beaches. However, most people don’t realize that the country is fast becoming a Southeast Asian shopping mecca, as it is home to some of the world’s largest luxury malls, cheap street markets, and the biggest global brands. There are Big ... Read More »