Thursday , 23 June 2016

Facebook Faces Lawsuit For ‘Scanning’ Private Messages

Facebook is facing a lawsuit over accusations that it monitors users’ private messages to profile the sender’s web activity.

Illegal way to profit from data

facebookWhen users compose messages that include links to another website, Facebook scans the content of the message. It then follows the link and searches for information to profile the sender’s activity.

The lawsuit claims that the social network systematically intercepts messages to mine user data and profits by sharing it with advertisers and marketers.

This practice violates the privacy and unfair competition laws of the country.

Facebook said the accusations were “without merit” and they “will defend ourselves vigorously.”

Purpose of targeting advertising

The lawsuit is asking to bar Facebook from continuing to intercept messages and seek as much as $10,000 for each user or $100 a day for each day of alleged violations.

The social network giant has faced criticism over its privacy policies in the past.

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