Sunday , 16 April 2017

Razer Unveils First Gaming Desktop Concept

razerEvery year at the Consumer Electronics Show, gaming hardware maker Razer pulls off new surprises for PC gamers, and this year is no different.

Project Christine

In this year’s biggest electronics show, Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan revealed Project Christine, which the company dubs as “the world’s most modular gaming PC design.”

The design boasts a unique layout of how different computer parts can attach and detach from the main structure. The enclosure will feature mineral oil cooling. The goal of the unit, according to Razer, is to allow easy and total customizability of the unit.

Tan, however, clarified that this is still a concept for now. Production will start only if gamers welcome and support the idea, similar to their previous concepts like the Project Fiona that turned to Razer Edge, the world’s first gaming tablet.


The Razer CEO also eyes a subscription-based model for the PC.

“Something we’re playing around with is a subscription model… Say a new GPU comes out, we could ship them the new GPU. And at any point in time, the gamer will always have a tier 1 PC,” he said.

The customer, of course, will have to ship back the old PC part.

As of posting, Razer has not yet revealed a price point for Project Christine should it come to fruition. Updates, however, will soon roll out if the project gets the go signal.

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